EDEN 1-Vehicle Stop Barrier

Product description

EDEN 1 Vehicle Stop Barrier can be set up and taken down in minutes—without the need for heavy equipment or electrical power—and subsequently removed and stored

Main advantages of the EDEN 1 Vehicle Stop Barrier:
 Non-lethal vehicle arresting
 Man-portable
 Easily set-up in seconds; No ground anchoring
 Effective on any terrain
 effective from a very slow movement of the vehicle (5 km per hour)
 The net is effective up to 100 km per hour

 CHECKPOINTS – Impromptu/mobile checkpoints
 VEHICLE PURSUITS – Pursuit management and termination
 OPERATING POINTS – Control combat operating points
 CONTROL – Entry Control Points (ECP)

EDEN 1 Vehicle Stop Barrier is an Israeli Product. 

EDEN 1 Vehicle Stop Barrier is a PATENT PROTECTED PRODUCT.

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