OMER-1 Descender

Product description

The OMER1, an original Israeli invention (Pat No. 71719), is a Professional Descender with quick release mechanism that was developed for use by SWAT teams, Counter Terror and Special Forces around the world.
Its uses include: Rappelling, Rescue and .
Technical Specs: 
Weight: 850gr.
Material: Aluminum 6061-T6.
Sizes: 10.4 x 2.5 x 27cm.
Finish: Black anodize.
Approved for use with up to 1,000kg load.
Composed of 3 main parts: base, cover & activation
handle. 3 Rubbing-pins at the base allow control of the
sliding speed.
Affixing Apparatus:
Foldable 90° affixing apparatus for flat roofs/when there
is no anchoring for ropes.
Fast Tactical deployment.
L-Shaped locking device.
Anti-Skid Rubber sole.
Comes with a counter-beam for off-the-window sliding.

Military applications
The Following features and advantages of OMER1 make it a unique apparatus in its field
1.Rappelling is done with one hand only
2.Suitable for rappelling with left or right hand
3.Enable controlling the sliding speed
4.Suitable for both types of rappelling: Controlled or Hop-Rappelling
5.Maximum safety – stops automatically if handle is released or pressed upon too hard .
6.No need for double-length rope. The ropes› length is similar to the rappelling height.

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