Different kinds of Life Line Pulleys

Product description
BAR-1 offers 3 kind of Life Line Pulleys:

The 3 different kind of pulleys primary purpose is to ensure that firefighters assigned to search operations in large, open,  or congested spaces will be able to find their way out.

1. Fireman's Guide Rope Bag

2. 50 meter Fireman's Guide Rope Pulley

3. 125 meter Fireman's Guide Rope Pulley

These spaces range from warehouses and manufacturing areas to large retail malls with row after row of racked storage, retail goods, or production machines. All can be confusing to negotiate under ideal conditions. When these areas are filled with smoke, the likelihood of becoming disoriented is a real possibility.
More and more fire departments are using search ropes to ensure that their personnel can quickly and safely find their way out of these buildings and to increase the effectiveness of the search operation