DoublExit Building Emergency Escape System

Product description
The number of people residing or working in multi-storey buildings has been steadily rising for many years. However, the emergency exits and escape routes of these buildings are outdated and do not provide a reasonable solution for emergencies such as fires, terror attacks and earthquakes.

As a direct result of in depth research on disasters all over the world and a profound understanding that the current situation is in desperate need of change, various multi-storey building evacuation methods have been developed, such as: escape and evacuation chutes, heliports, floating platforms and more. Unfortunately, these methods only provide partial solutions. This, in turn, burdens the rescue services responsible for evacuating buildings and saving lives during emergencies.
The development of DoublExit Escape System changed this reality.
DoublExit Escape System enables evacuation from any situation in all types of emergencies without additional assistance. Crucial features include:
  • Operational at all times – readily available and accessible
  • Easy, simple and safe operation – does not require any prior experience
  • Does not rely on any external power source
  • Continuous and multiple use ensuring a large number of people can be evacuated
  • Choose the safest and most accessible escape route
  • Reliable and safe
Flexible solutions
DoublExit Escape System is permanently fixed to the building enabling evacuation from any safe and accessible point, determined by the user’s discretion.

Simple operation
DoublExit Escape System is mechanically operated and does not rely on any external power source. The evacuation process can be undertaken independently without acquiring specific skills or receiving professional assistance. The system can operate from up to 150 meters high with loads ranging from 30 to 150 kg and a controlled descent rate of about 1 meter per second, in total safety
Continuous operation
DoublExit Escape System is bidirectional, which enables the immediate and continuous evacuation of a large number of people before the emergency situation spirals out of control.

Flexible Installation
DoublExit Escape System is operational up to a height of 150 meters and can be installed in apartments, offices or any other location without structural alterations or changes to the interior design. DoublExit Escape System is modified in accordance with a specialist’s recommendations and the specific needs of the client. The system can be installed in both new and existing buildings. Specially trained professionals will carry out every part of the process, from the initial onsite inspection up until the actual installation.

DoublExit Escape System is capable of withstanding sudden, constant and irregular strains and loads that may arise from different emergency situations. The system is equipped with breaking and energy absorbent mechanisms as well as friction control. The escape cable is a strong compound that was developed especially for this purpose.

Each DoublExit Escape System is tested during and after production. This stringent quality control and testing process was developed especially for DoublExit. The process has received widespread recognition from worldwide safety standards authorities. The quality control process guarantees maximum reliability.

DoublExit Escape System is a groundbreaking product. It provides revolutionary escape and evacuation solutions from buildings, which will save lives during emergencies when existing means of escape are either inaccessible or un-operational. It is the only escape system in the world that is installed:
  • Independently inside a storage cabinet
  • Inside a front door and protected by a worldwide patent