Armored Vehicles

Product description

BAR-1 provides a full vehicle armoring solution by taking a holistic approach in the design and engineering process.
In addition to armored commercial vehicles, SUV’s and armored sedans, BAR-1 special purpose vehicles that are custom designed for specific applications. 

We supplied a large selection of numerous makes & models of quality armored vehicles including Left Hand Drive & Right Hand Drive vehicles, Pickups, Vans, CIT (cash carrying armored trucks)
armored cargo transport trucks, armored passenger buses/vans and armored ambulances.

BAR-1 team brings into the company decades of knowledge in armored vehicles and protection solutions, an amazing wealth of knowledge, experience and innovation and supplies hundreds of customized armored vehicles solutions
to governments, security companies, police forces, embassies, public and private clients worldwide.

BAR-1 provides armored commercial vehicles to various armor levels, up to NIJ Level III, STANAG Level I and CEN B6.
Vehicles retain original look and feel, providing protection to all passengers. We cater to the customer’s specific needs in armor level, number of passengers, and specific optional equipment.

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