K9 electric shock device

Product description

The use of K9 in riot control, Physical protection and other emergency situations has proven to be very effective

However sometimes the outcome is more severe and complicated than expected, dogs do bite and issues such as injuries, "use of

excess force” and liabilities occur from time to time

 In some cases, like prisons, inmates may have had prior encounters with dogs (or even been bitten), so the associated fear factor is

diminished and inmates are sometimes less affected by the attacking dog.

The solution

Special K9 electric shock device

No bites; reduced injuries and liability

Repeated electric shocks for 40 sec or single zap manually by handler

Special K9 electric shock device Specification: 

Output Voltage (at prongs) 60,000 volt

 Pulse Cycle (Sec) Continuous

Energy Delivered per Pulse >7 joules for 1 sec

Total Delivered Power 7 wat

 Power Source 5 V rechargeable batteries

 Size 85mm X 55mm X 20mm

Weight 350 gm

 Operating Temperature Range -20C to +50C

 Relative humidity 95%

 Water Resistance IP66

Warranty 1 Year

Remote control specification

Range: Outdoor 1000Ft Indoor 200 Ft

Transmitting power +13 dBm

Frequency 902-927 MHz Encrypted

Two-way full Duplex – Yes

 Sleep Mode (energy saver) – Yes

Radio Standards EN300-220V2.3.1 EN301-489-3V1.4.1 FCC (2001-08)

Power Source 5V

rechargeable Batteries

Size 40mm X 40mm X 10mm

Weight 120 gm (configuration dependent)

Operating Temperature Range -20C to +50C

Relative humidity 95%

Water Resistance IP66

Warranty 1 Year



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