Machine Gun Backpack

Product description
The Ammunition Feeder manufactured from advanced Polymer Materials especially for Military usage, allow the Gunner to relay his Ammo Box, well arranged on his backpack or vest to his Machine Gun.

• Allow the Gunner to carry more ammunition in one dedicated Backpack, ergonomically arranged on the soldier vest.
• The Prime ManPack is used with any type of Machine Gun at caliber 5.56, 7.62 and up to 12.7.
• Light and ready for Heavy duty usage.
• Provide a longer ‘continues fire power’ by the gunner.
• Reduce the weight on the weapon by not having standard Ammo-box.
• Provide add-on comfortability to the soldier comparing to the standard Ammo-Box.
• Suitable for Gunner Backpack and Weapon Mount

The Prime ManPAck include:
• Flexible and Durable Ammunition Feeder
• Light Ammunition Box carried by the soldier on his back.
• Weapon Adaptor

Ammunition Box:
• Build from Military Standard Materials
• Allow up to 1,000 Rd
• Integrate MOLE system for quick connection / release
• Suitable for Heavy-duty / Marine Operation

Weapon Adaptor:
• Weapon Adaptor for any type of Machine Gun
• Light and durable
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