Rope Ladders

Product description

Our rope ladders are specified and used by some of the world’s largest companies and military establishments as
well as movie industries and mining/oil drilling organisations. Used deep underground as well as high up in the sky!

Each ladder comes with an International Regulation 18/5 OSHACT. D.M.R. 18 CERTIFICATE and each ladder has
it’s own unique serial number stamped on a metal disc attached to the leader which corresponds to the certificate.



Webbing: Black 50mm polyester with certified 2200kg breaking capacity.
There are two layers of webbing, each with over 2200kg carrying capacity, (certified) This translates to 4.4 tons or
4400kg. Ensure anchoring is to capacity!

Rungs: Custom designed Grade 6063/T6 anodized aluminum 285mm wide.
Each rung is extruded from high grade 6063 /T6 anodized aluminum. These rungs are custom designed with double
vertical inner thick walls ensuring extreme strength - deep fluted linear grooving for maximum grip on hands and feet
providing supreme non-slip safety whilst ascending or descending.
Each rung will withstand over 1000kg of weight without distortion, it is almost impossible to break a rung, even under
destructive tests, these rungs only bent but would not break. (Unlike wood)

Each rung is held captive in four super strong, 60% glass-filled nylon saddles, which are UV stabilized and these are
secured to the rung with 12 pop rivets. The saddles provide extreme stability for the climber as well as acting as shields
against abrasion when dragging the ladder over ground. This new design adds exceptional long working life thus saving
replacement costs at much greater intervals. This is the weight/stress-bearing safety-securing method of manufacture.
The "leader” straps are doubled over for wear and weight endurance along with special sewn-in-place triangle flat
shackles that are certified at 4000kg breaking strain.

Each ladder can be supplied with a weather resistant carry bag for convenience and protection at a nominal cost.
Notwithstanding all the above engineering, this is the lightest ladder in the world. A 20 Meter ladder can be picked up
with only two fingers and weighs 14kg

Each ladder is supplied with an internationally approved Regulation 18/5 OSHACT. D.M.R. 18 certificate.
Please ensure that all regulation safety standards are adhered to and that your anchoring methods meet the demands
of these standards. We recommend 8mm or 10mm Raw Eyebolts for anchoring into brick or concrete walls.


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