OMER-1 Small Base Anchor

Product description

OMER-1 Small Base Anchor is built from 3 parts: OMER-1 Small Base Anchor and 2 wall Clamps 

The product is for rappelling and climbing only

Weight of the OMER-1 Small Base Anchor: 1.36 Kg

Weight of the Wall Clamp: 2.63 Kg

Color: Anodize Black

Size of the OMER-1 Small Base Anchor: 53 x 7 x5 cm

Size of the Wall Clamps: 30 x 12 x 26 Cm

Material: aluminum 6061-T6

OMER-1 Small Base Anchor gives maximum safety in operation use

Approve to use up to 1,000 Kg

Maximum breaking load 2500Kg

IDF(Israel Defense Force) approval. IDF Part number 413233178

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This Product Includes:
OMER-1 Rappelling Kit