BAR-1 LTD is a leading defense and security company with commercial and governmental customers all around the globe. Through our extensive R&D activities, we have designed and developed patented, game-changing products in the fields of defense, security, and safety.

BAR-1 expert team includes an abundance of specialists from every security-related force.
With their unique insight into the industry, our experts will provide support, know-how, and experience necessary for all national-level security systems.
BAR-1 has extensive experience in designing and executing large turn-key projects as well as specific tactical solutions.
All our solutions are custom-tailored to every individual clients’ needs.

Using the System Design Review international standards, our R&D department will provide you with the perfectly-suited product to meet your demand. We take pride in operating to the highest ethical, safety, and international regulatory standards.

Using the System Design Review international standards our R&D department will provide you with the exact product to meet your demand.

Services we provide to ensure this customized process include:
  • Complete solution. Support and consultancy projects.
  • Development and production of groundbreaking products.
  • Groundbreaking emergency escape system from high buildings-DOUBLEXIT
  • Vehicle Stop Barrier
  • Unique Rappelling system for Special Forces
  • Consultancy and support to start-ups
  • Consultancy and support end users/Companies/Military and Special Forces/Law Enforcement Agencies. 

Clients Profile:
  • Israel Ministry of Defense
  • Israel Police
  • Special units
  • Prisons
  • Secret Service
  • Security companies
  • Worldwide clients (Governments, law enforcement and foreign institutional investors)

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